ethtereumのプロトコル改良提案書。 これから定期的に読んでいこうと思う。

  • EIP1: EIP Purpose and Guidelines


  • EIP100: Change difficulty adjustment to target mean block time including uncles difficultyの公式変更

    Rationale:This new formula ensures that the difficulty adjustment algorithm targets a constant average rate of blocks produced including uncles, and so ensures a highly predictable issuance rate that cannot be manipulated upward by manipulating the uncle rate. A formula that accounts for the exact number of included uncles:

  • EIP101: Serenity Currency and Crypto Abstraction

    Rationale This allows for a large increase in generality, particularly in a few areas: Cryptographic algorithms used to secure accounts (we could reasonably say that Ethereum is quantum-safe, as one is perfectly free to secure one's account with Lamport signatures). The nonce-incrementing approach is now also open to revision on the part of account holders, allowing for experimentation in k-parallelizable nonce techniques, UTXO schemes, etc. Moving ether up a level of abstraction, with the particular benefit of allowing ether and sub-tokens to be treated similarly by contracts Reducing the level of indirection required for custom-policy accounts such as multisigs It also substantially simplifies and purifies the underlying Ethereum protocol, reducing the minimal consensus implementation complexity.